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Before you retired, you may have erroneously thought that if you planned well enough, that when you do retire, you’ll be finished planning for your future. 

Wealthy retirees especially, while fortunate to have substantial financial resources, may still be faced with complex issues regarding wealth and legacy planning.


Not sure if you're prepared? Let One-Up Financial's expertise in financial planning, investments and tax consulting help ensure your legacy is smooth sailing.

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Are your legacy plans
in order?

One-Up Financial works with many retired clients who’ve asked us some tough questions about their future—how to consider family dynamics and other factors that are unique to them alone.

We’ve seen time and again retirees who have someone handle their investments, an accountant who does their tax return but no one entity that looks at their total picture and comes up with all-encompassing solutions.

Our experience guiding them, coupled with our expertise in financial planning, investments and tax consulting can help ease your mind that you’re appropriately prepared.

Our retirees' top challenges
we've helped overcome

Preservation of Capital: Wealthy retirees often prioritize preserving their wealth to ensure a comfortable retirement and potentially leave a legacy for their heirs. However, economic downturns, inflation and market volatility can erode their capital over time. Balancing risk and return becomes crucial.


Inflation Risk: Inflation can erode the purchasing power of money over time. Wealthy retirees need investments that can outpace inflation to maintain their lifestyle and cover rising expenses throughout their retirement years.


Low-Interest Rate Environment: Persistently low-interest rates can limit the returns generated from traditionally safe investments like bonds and certificates of deposit. Wealthy retirees might need to explore alternative investments to generate adequate income.

Tax Efficiency: High net-worth individuals can have complex tax situations. Managing investments to minimize taxes while complying with relevant regulations is essential for maximizing after-tax returns and leaving a substantial legacy.


Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer: Wealthy retirees often want to pass on their assets to their heirs or charitable causes. Estate planning involves navigating tax implications, legal structures like trusts, and ensuring a smooth transition of assets to the next generation


Diversification Challenges: While diversification is a fundamental investment principle, managing a large portfolio of diverse assets can become complex. Wealthy retirees need to strike a balance between diversification to manage risk and concentration to capitalize on opportunities.

Market Timing and Behavioral Biases: Wealthy retirees may fall prey to emotional investing, trying to time the market or making impulsive decisions due to behavioral biases. Having a disciplined investment approach can mitigate these challenges.

Finding Trusted Advisors: Wealthy retirees often require a team of financial advisors, estate planners, tax experts, and legal professionals to navigate their complex financial situations. Finding trustworthy and knowledgeable advisors is paramount.

At One-Up Financial, we serve as our clients' personal CFO in managing all aspects of their financial lives.


We'll coordinate with your accountant, attorney and any other professional advisors in your trusted circle to create a fullproof retirement plan.

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