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For executives, professionals and small business owners who are less than 5 years away from retiring, have the majority of their investments in a 401(k) with no formalized plan for retirement.

This package is designed to provide a clear and concise roadmap toward your retirement. For a one-time planning fee, clients in this package will receive the following:

- A comprehensive retirement plan that covers key aspects of your financial life including investments, life insurance, debt, social security, estate planning and taxes.

- A thorough review of your individual tax return and an assessment that addresses tax deductions, credits and other strategies for reducing taxes.

- Risk assessment of your retirement accounts including IRAs, brokerage accounts, 401(k)s and 403(b) plans and recommendations to optimize your asset allocation.

- An in-person meeting to review your retirement plan, discuss recommendations and implement an action plan.

- Monthly updates on the market, economy and other personal finance-related topics delivered to you via video, email and our blog.

- Ongoing access to your own personal financial portal where we'll work with you to organize all of your financial accounts in one safe place.

Fee Schedule:

One-time fee ranging from $750 - $5,000 depending on complexity.


For those who've successfully retired from their company or practice, or sold their business and would benefit from an ongoing relationship with a licensed investment and tax advisor.

This package provides ongoing investment management, retirement planning and tax management services. For a small percentage of assets under management, clients in this package will receive the following:

- All services included in the WEALTHBUILDER package plus the following:

- Personalized investment management including ongoing rebalancing of your portfolio, tax-loss harvesting and more. Minimum semi-annual investment review meetings.

- Minimum annual retirement planning meeting to adjust for changes in your financial life.

- Tax management including an annual planning meeting and tax preparation facilitated through our partner firms.

Fee Schedule:

Management fees start at 1% of assets under management (AUM).

Business Plan

At One-Up Financial, we understand that investors come in all shapes and sizes.

So whether you're a few years away from retirement or have already pulled the trigger, we offer a simple, flexible service model designed to fit your needs.

Our clients can choose from two packages:

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